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On these pages you can learn more about our company, Bruer Consulting GmbH, and the services we can provide to help your business break into new markets and stay secure and succesful on the global market.


Bruer Consulting GmbH was founded by Manfred Bruer in 2010 to assist and advise companies in their international business endeavours, with a special focus on German-Russian business relations. The portfolio of previously supported projects cover a wide range of economic sectors (e.g., healthcare, agriculture, mining, energy, logistics).

Thanks to many years of trusted cooperation with companies, banks and governmental organisations, Bruer Consulting offers extensive expertise in all of international project financing and can rely on its contacts

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Manfred Bruer

Manfred Bruer

Managing Director Bruer Consulting GmbH


Manfred Bruer has been working in the field of export financing since 1977 and as Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers was head of the joint department with Euler Hermes federally mandated by the German Ministry of Economy (BMWi) with managing the German export credit guarantee program, commonly know as Hermes Covers, until 2010. Previously, from 1988 to 2001, he was responsible for underwriting Hermes Covers for Eastern Europe.

As an expert in international project financing, Manfred Bruer has since then stayed prime consultant for administrations and companies in all technical and strategic matters of international trade with a deep understanding of decision making processes of federal, financial and other institutions


Despite a difficult political situation characterised by reciprocal sanctions, the Eastern European market continues to offer an enormous potential for economic growth. Many companies are aware of this potential but due to complex issues and uncertain future developments fail to take full advantage of it. Even a lack of knowledge of foreign business practices and local customs all too often still stand in the way of succesful implementation of international projects.

Make use of Bruer Consulting and its network to help your company access and achieve lasting success on one of the biggest global growth markets.



  • Project conception following current standards for promotion of foreign trade

  • Development of a detailed financing plan



  • Examination and optimisation of project rentability and security

  • Preparation of financial models and business plans



  • Strategic preparation of negotiations with responsible representatives of banks, ECAs, etc.

  • Accompanying support of project to succesful completion


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